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About the Site

Welcome to the 2023-2024 Season of The NFL Picks Page!

The site is now in its 28th season (!?!), and it has only gotten bigger and more fun to play. Back in 1996, the site started out as a way for me to keep track of picks for my small office pool. Once I got into it and started having fun with it, I let a few outside people in on it – and the site took off.

The NFL Picks Page is completely free. It is meant to be fun, competitive, and lively – veteran pickers love the weekly exchange of opinions on the Bulletin Board. I hope you will find that it adds to your interest and excitement about each week's NFL games.

Though it took a lot of time and hard work to develop what you see on the site, I'm always open to comments, criticisms, and suggestions. Please use the Feedback form often to let me know how the site works for you.

One of the nifty features on The NFL Picks Page is the ability to create your own pool and compete against your friends, co-workers or anyone you invite. To start a pool, go to the Create a Pool page. Your pool can be public (open to anyone) or private (only open to those you invite). You also choose whether your pool will be scored Vs. the Spread (default) or as a Straight-Up (Pickem) pool. Be sure to let your players know which type of picks your pool will use.

After you create the pool, you can send invites out via email or Facebook to make it easy for players to join. Feel free to "advertise" your public pools on the Bulletin Board.

Straight-Up Picks: Due to popular demand, in 2010 I added the option to play Straight-Up picks, in addition to Vs. the Spread. These picks are optional and your record / stats will be kept completely separate from your Spread picks. You can make both types of picks each week and you can toggle the default view for your stats pages to be Spread or Straight-Up. The same is true for Pools. Straight-Up stats and rankings will be kept separate and Poolmasters can designate the default scoring for their pool. So if you want to do a Straight-Up pickem pool on The NFL Picks Page, now you can!

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